Hello friends! I’m back with a review for an amazing summertime product that I recently discovered: Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ sunscreen!

My Sunscreen Use History

Before finding this sunscreen, I was an ardent Missha Waterproof Sun Milk user. When I first started including it in my routine, I was blown away by the matte finish that I was left with after application. Up until I discovered Missha Sun Milk, I had been grimacing my way through American sunscreens, feeling constantly disappointed and grossed out by the extreme greasiness that they left behind. Since putting on sunscreen left me with an oily sheen thick enough to entrap small bugs, I tended to only apply sunscreen when I knew I would be spending long periods in the sun. That’s right, I wasn’t applying it on a daily basis, and I was running around with my skin unprotected a good portion of the time. Gasp! It is horrifying to look back on. Thankfully I am practicing much better habits now in that regard! I think that a mattifying sunscreen is the perfect last step in a morning routine, especially if you have any serums that leave a significant amount of shine. B2770E64-0FD5-4377-A1C7-7B74BE9F1EF2

I noticed after a while that there were a few downsides to the Missha Sun Milk. When I had thicker serums underneath, it began to pill terribly, and it did the same when I combined a drop of oil with my moisturizer. On top of this, it did its job of mattifying almost too well by making my skin look dull and emphasizing the few fine lines that are beginning to appear.

A Glorious Discovery

I began a new search for a sunscreen that could retain the non-greasy, mattifying finish but leave behind the drying dullness. Thankfully I did not have to look far, as out of sheer luck I happened to stumble upon Bioré’s  UV Watery Essence immediately. In the UV Watery Essence I have found everything that I want in a sunscreen: mattifying (but not to an outrageous degree), moisturizing, waterproof UVA/UVB sun protection, significantly less pilling, and no white cast. I should mention that I bought the 2015 formulation, and I have heard that the newer 2017 version has been changed. I’ll be sure to update this post if I decide to be adventurous and try the newer version as well!

UPDATE: The newer one is amazing too! It does feel a little lighter, maybe like there is more alcohol in the formula. It still is a fantastic last step in my routine, and does everything that the last one did!

Worth the Price?

The one caveat to this sunscreen is the price. You can get a 50g bottle on Amazon for $18, which works out to about 36 cents per gram. You can compare this to the Sun Milk, which you can get in a 70g bottle for $14 (20 cents per gram). I can’t say that the price is so far up there that it would deter me from continuing to buy it, but the penny pincher in me is still not thrilled to pay $18 for a relatively small bottle of product. Additionally, you go through it fairly quickly since you are using it everyday and in generous amounts. Nonetheless, I plan on continuing to use this as my daily sunblock.  I’m thrilled to finally have sun protection that feels comfortable and leaves my skin looking happy!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen Review

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