7 Reasons to Love Lush Shower Jellies

I’ll be honest with you guys: up until this point, I was using the cheapest shower gel I could possibly find at the grocery store. To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want to get clean, that soap will do the job. Is it particularly exciting? Nope, not really. Is it functional? Of course! I got to a point, however, that I wanted something different. I remembered seeing Lush’s shower jellies online in the past, so I set out on my mission. I got the Whoosh jelly, which has a scent comprised of 3 types of citrus. Short story short, I love it! Here are several reasons that I will undoubtedly keep returning to these jellies:

1. The texture is pure skintertainment! I mean, look at that stuff! Don’t you just want to poke it? Let me assure you, it’s as delightfully bouncy as it looks. But unlike other products that have little use other than their entertainment factor, this jelly is incredibly practical!

2. It smells like Life Savers candy in the best way. The smell is citrus-y and delicious, and I can’t get over it! Lush describes it as an energizing scent, and I would agree! It has lemon, grapefruit, and lime juice, as well as grapefruit oil.  I can pick up the tiniest hint of the rosemary oil that is in it, but the citrus is by far the dominant scent. There is also a lavender scented jelly available in US stores, but I’m not usually into that fragrance so I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll be sure to update you guys if I do!

3. It doesn’t take much of the jelly to create a good lather. Unless you are using it in your hair, but I’ll get to that point in a sec! I typically use this on a washcloth, which I find to be the easiest and cleanest way. On the Lush site, it shows people just rubbing the jelly all over to get clean, which might work the first couple of times. There are a lot of reviews pointing out that the jelly breaks down over time, which I found to be the case as well. But considering I’m not attached to the idea of using it by itself to rub all over, I didn’t care much about the eventual break down of the product. I kept it in its container, and whenever I wanted to use it I would dump it into my washcloth and give it a few squeezes. Simple!

4. You can actually use it in your hair too! It doesn’t have quite the sudsing power in my hair as it does in the washcloth, so I have to break off a larger, teaspoon size chunk to fully cover my scalp. But wow, does it make my hair soft! Plus it leaves it smelling wonderful, which can be hard to find in shampoos sometimes.

7 Reasons to Love Lush Shower Jellies

5. It lasts much longer than you think it will! Granted, I didn’t start using this in my hair too until a few weeks ago, so I probably would have burned through it faster if I had been doing so. But I’ve been using a 3.5 oz container (they come in an 8.4 oz size too) for about a month and a half now, and I still have a quarter of the container left. I honestly thought at first that it would maybe last me three weeks! I think next time I will get the larger size since I’m using it now for both hair and body washing.

6. The plastic pot that it comes in is made of 100% recycled plastic. I love this, and I wish that more companies did the same! Lush persevered and made all of their packaging from recycled plastic, despite the initial difficulty of doing so here in North America.

7. It’s affordably priced! It’s a bit more than that grocery store body wash, but then it’s also multifunctional and of higher quality. I would recommend getting the larger tub, as it is actually a better deal. You pay $1.90 per ounce as compared to the smaller one, which comes in at $2.56 per ounce.

So there you go! Now you know the reasons for my current jelly obsession. It smells wonderful, it can be used multiple ways, and it lasts surprisingly long! If you are looking for something to liven up your showers, pop over to Lush and grab a jelly!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This post was not sponsored, nor does it contain any affiliate links.

7 Reasons to Love Lush Shower Jellies