Not Pot CBD Glow Oil Review

Anxiety has been high for many of us through this pandemic. For me, the stress of changing careers, not having work, then starting a new job has affected me greatly. We’ve all been through the wringer one way or another! To help curb my anxiety, I’ve been using Not Pot’s CBD gummies for some time now. (Check out my full review of their gummies!) Not Pot recently released their CBD Glow Oil, a versatile product that can be taken orally or even used in one’s skincare. I’d been hoping that one day they would put out a CBD oil, so my dreams came true with this product. Naturally, I had to try it when it came time to put in my next order. Here’s my honest opinion of it! (Spoiler alert: I adore it.)


There are just two ingredients in the Not Pot CBD Glow Oil: cannabis sativa seed oil and broad spectrum CBD oil. 

“What is the difference?” you might ask. Cannabis sativa (or hemp) seed oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. CBD oil, on the other hand, is made from pressing the flower, leaves, and stalks of the same plant.

Hemp seed oil contains omegas, phospholipids, plant sterols (which can lower cholesterol), and amino acids. When used in skincare, it is anti-inflammatory.

Broad spectrum CDB oil does not contain THC, so it will not give you that THC high. It is anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and helps calm depression and anxiety.

Not Pot CBD Glow Oil Review


I tested this out by using it both on my skin and by taking it orally. When adding it to my skincare routine, I would mix 2 drops in with my moisturizer. There was a slight hemp smell that I could pick up, but it wasn’t lasting. I was concerned that it might feel greasy, but that was not the case! I liked how well this soaked in and how it felt on my face. My skin, however, was not happy with it, which I will discuss in the results.

I was already used to the taste of CBD oil from having tried multiple brands of gummies, so I was prepared for the taste. Yes, it’s not the most delicious thing ever. There is a slight bitterness to it, but nothing that can’t be overcome. I let it sit under my tongue for several seconds, and then I’ll immediately eat my FLO gummies to erase the CBD aftertaste. (Want to know more about my experience with FLO gummies? Read my post about PMS & period pain!)

Figuring out how much of this to use was a little confusing at first, so I had to do some math to understand my dosage. I started out with just a couple of drops a day and slowly progressed to 6 (which is around .25 ml.) The whole bottle of CBD Glow Oil contains 1,000 mg of CBD. The Not Pot gummies contain 20 mg each with 30 in one bottle, so you get 600 mg in total per bottle of those. Since there are 1,000 mg in 1 ml, you would get around 33 mg of CBD per ml. For me, I think an entire dropper full would be a lot to consume at once. When I take a quarter dropper full (.25 ml) I get around 8 mg of CBD.

Not Pot CBD Glow Oil Review


So back to my skin’s reaction to this oil: it was not good. I had one of the worst breakouts I had gotten in a long time. No fewer than 6 zits showed up on one side of my nose, plus I had lots of texture on my forehead. I had several annoying under-the-skin pimples on my cheeks too. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me, as my skin notoriously can’t stand most oils. There is only one oil that I’ve found it can tolerate, and that is The Ordinary’s Hemi-Squalane Oil. Consequently, I discontinued using the Glow Oil on my face after about a week.

When I’ve taken this by mouth, I have far better results! I think that this oil works just as well as Not Pot’s gummies. Even though I’m getting fewer milligrams of CBD per usage, I feel like the effect is the same. In fact, when you put CBD oil under your tongue, it actually has a faster rate of absorption than simply swallowing it. This is because we have small blood vessels under our tongues that absorb CBD faster than our digestive systems. I do feel the effect of the CBD faster this way, usually within 30 minutes of taking it.

I think that Not Pot’s CBD Glow Oil is a great value for what you pay, especially considering it could potentially last a lot longer than the gummies. While it is easier to control your dosage with the gummies, I like how quickly the oil goes into effect. I feel significantly more relaxed during the day, and I’m less likely to stress out about things. I have a much more laid-back, chill attitude when I’m using my CBD. Once again Not Pot has positively knocked it out of the park with a product, and I will absolutely be repurchasing!

Not Pot CBD Glow Oil Review

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