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A nourishing, non-drying clay mask can be challenging to find. Often they can leave the skin feeling spent, pulling out all of the moisture as they dry. Even though they are great for clearing pores and drawing congestion out, the dehydrated feeling they can produce often makes me hesitant to apply them. I’m much more likely to reach for a moisturizing sheet mask than for a clay mask. So, what made me decide to switch up my routine and add the Farmacy Bright On? Allow me to share!

Farmacy the Brand

Echinacea GreenEnvy is Farmacy’s signature ingredient, and it appears in most of their products. (It has 300% more antioxidants than regular Echinacea, which is pretty crazy. It’s no wonder they patented it!) This is the plant that gave the company its start, and it has a myriad of benefits that promote skin health. It helps even the skin tone, and it combats damage caused by free radicals.

They are proud of the farmed ingredients that they source for their products, hence the name, Farmacy!

Motivated by My Vitamin C Obsession

I absolutely love vitamin C, and it is an essential part of my skincare routine. I’m wild about the visible results I can see after even just a few days of incorporating a vitamin C serum into my product usage. The brightening that is achieved is unlike anything else in skincare! Check out my review of my favorite vitamin C serum here!

Since I’m always down for a vitamin C glow, the Bright On mask sounded intriguing. You don’t find many clay masks that do much other than clear your pores!

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AHAs to Exfoliate and Super Food Extracts to Nourish

There are several AHAs (lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric, according to their site), included in the mask to aid in skin exfoliation. This, in turn, helps treat acne, acne scars, and fine lines. Citric acid specifically can help soothe inflamed skin. For these reasons, AHAs are a fantastic addition to any skincare routine.

The mask has extracts from various foods including kale, broccoli, apple, blueberry,  and cucumber. Each of these play their own role in protecting, maintaining, and calming the skin.


The color change is one of the highlights of using this mask! This is due to vitamin C capsules that burst as you massage the mask onto your face. I found the color change to be quite noticeable, and honestly just plain fun to watch. It is easy to spread over your face, and washing it off isn’t difficult either. You simply apply it to the face, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and rinse! Clay masks aren’t for everyday use though, so you’ll want to limit your applications to 2-3 times a week.

The mask has a pleasant scent, sort of a cool mint. The last clay mask that I had tried smelled like straight cat poop, so this was a massive relief! No joke, it was so unbearably bad I nearly washed it off just because the smell was so off-putting. I was so glad that this Farmacy one had an easy scent that moved to the background and didn’t distract me as I went about my business. You never realize how important that is until you have the smell of a litter box following you around via your face.

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Now this, my friends, is where things get awesome. After washing off the mask, my pores are minimized, my skin is bright and smooth, and any redness that I might have had has disappeared. I have a small amount of rosacea on my cheeks, and this mask almost completely banishes it from my face! I don’t get that annoyingly tight, dry feeling that can happen after I’ve used something that has stripped my skin of its moisture.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to try this mask out, I’d say go for it! It retails at $38 for a 50ml bottle, but I was super lucky and got mine unopened from the Poshmark app for $13. If you do a little digging you might be able to find a deal somewhere! For me, nearly $40 for a mask still can seem steep, though if you compare it to other much pricier masks I’d say the price is still in the range of average. It does what it says it will do, and that is an important aspect to consider when you are trying to decide upon a purchase. Furthermore, you can’t forget the pure fun factor of a color changing mask! Because really, skincare should be a fun, playful experience. If you’re grimacing your way through your skincare, you’re probably doing it wrong. So kick back, enjoy the process, and let yourself be amazed by the results that you never thought you would see produced by a clay mask.

Farmacy Bright On Vitamin C Mask Review

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