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Before I got Bubblewrap, I had never placed an order with Glossier. I KNOW. Let’s just say I’m usually pretty late to jump on the bus with these sort of things. Of course I wasn’t blind to the megahit that Glossier had become in a few short years, but I like to see if brands are able to demonstrate actual quality before I invest. Needless to say, Glossier has stuck around, and I continue to see positive things about the products online.

I was intrigued to see how effective Bubblewrap was in its ability to hydrate both my lips and under eyes. I already like to layer hydrating products in my eye area, so this seemed like it would fit into my routine well. However, I was actually more excited about the lip plumping/hydrating uses of this product. My lips are chronically dehydrated, so having an extra dose of hydration in the mornings would be extremely helpful. 

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The full ingredient list for Bubblewrap is available on Glossier’s website. A few of the ingredients that Glossier emphasizes on their site are as follows: hyaluronic acid groups and peptide complexes hydrate the skin and increase its ability to hold water, respectively. Swertia chirata extract is an herb that smooths skin, and blueberry extract provides antioxidants. Avocado oil and squalane are present to give the skin moisture. (I actually feel like these two ingredients are fairly noticeable when I use this under my eyes. They give the product a hybrid sort of serum/cream feel.)


I had a small scare with the bottle when I first attempted to use it. I had to pump it waaaay more than what felt normal to get it to come out. I was convinced I had been sent a defective bottle! Thankfully after what seemed like eons of pumping the product began to dispense. I usually split one pump’s worth of product in half for my eyes, and I feel like that is sufficient for my layering needs. I’ll use a small amount of it on my lips as well, and seal it in afterwards with a balm.

I’ve found that I prefer to apply Bubblewrap to my eyes under another product, not just on its own. I feel that this locks in the product a little better. It is fairly light, which I expected. It doesn’t soak in immediately under my eyes, but it disappears into my lips almost instantly. 

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I didn’t notice what I would call noticeable “plumping” in my eye area. I feel like it did make my skin look hydrated and less tired, which is always a positive. It is good as a mid-day eye refresher!

For my lips however, wow! The immediate hydration is amazing! They go from looking lined and dehydrated to full and healthy. I wouldn’t say that it plumps them beyond their normal shape, but I’m completely fine with that. In the past I’ve been frustrated by lip products that merely sit on the surface of my lips without providing any sort of hydration. I am pleased to have finally found a product that thoroughly soaks into my lips! Not only that, the hydration last for at least half the day, at which point I might put on more to refresh it. It is now a satisfying part of my daily routine! 

One downside to purchasing products from Glossier is that everything comes packaged in these pink bubble wrap bags that seem like a waste of plastic, especially if you have just a few items. I wouldn’t want to end up with a massive collection of these sitting around if I ordered Glossier products on multiple occasions. I’ve read that this summer (2019) Glossier will be giving customers the option of having their orders shipped without these pink bags. I hope this will be the case!

Bubblewrap is a solid product that travels well and delivers satisfactory results. I think the fact that Bubblewrap is dual purpose makes it worth trying if you have a space for it in your routine. Buying two cheaper products separately would most likely add up to the cost of Bubblewrap, so in that sense the price is reasonable. For my eye hydration I will probably return to a serum eventually, which texturally I prefer. (Check out a review of one of my favorite eye serums here!) I will be on the lookout for other lip hydrating products that might be more affordable, as I’m not sure I’d repurchase this again just for that function. 

If you want to focus more on anti-aging in your routine, this probably will not be an effective product for you. But if you want some all-over hydration that you can count on to get the job done, then Bubblewrap might be a fun product for you to try! 

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