Hello friends! Today I’ll share with you some fool-proof tips that will get you scooping hundreds (even thousands!) of cookies like a pro! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

  1.    Make sure that your equipment is in working order. Nothing can kill your cookie scooping vibes faster than a malfunctioning scoop that refuses to relinquish the dough.
  2.    Acknowledge that each type of cookie dough will come with its own challenges. Do not let on that you may be experiencing frustration with crumbly or chip-filled dough. Cookie dough can sense when your weaknesses are surfacing.
  3.    Designate your mantra. You will need a calming phrase to keep your cool during this time of intense monotony. Alternatively, emptying your mind of thoughts altogether is an acceptable option that will prevent blinding madness.
  4.    Liberally consume caffeinated substances, as you will need an over the top amount of energy to power your way through the scooping procedure. You will amaze the people around you with your apparent vigor for cookie portioning.
  5.    Select some high-energy music to fuel your movements. This step is customizable to your particular tastes. So whether your music choice says, “I fantasize about wearing cowboy boots,” or “That new club downtown is calling my name,” your actions will clearly declare, “By gosh, I really love scooping cookies!”
  6.    Lastly, be sure to fully embrace the experience. Your vision will be swimming with a seemingly limitless stream of cookies, so dive in and welcome the full sensory event that is cookie portioning.