Save Plastic Waste and Switch to Bar Soap

These days, it often seems impossible to avoid plastic waste in the products we buy. So many of our food, clothing, hygiene items, and household supplies all come in some sort of plastic packaging. The idea of finding alternative sources with sustainable or zero-waste packaging can be daunting, and sometimes it requires significant extra effort and research on the consumer’s part.

Bar soaps, on the other hand, are a merciful no-brainer. There is a plentiful bounty of beautiful, good-quality bar soap out there to choose from. Have you avoided making the change up until now? Here are a few reasons to make the switch to bar soap!

You’ll Use Less Soap

Overall, people tend to use much more liquid soap than bar soap when washing. Bar soap will last longer and help you save money in the long run.

The Carbon Footprint Produced by Bar Soap is Smaller

Liquid soap contains more water than bar soap, so that combined with the weight of the plastic packaging makes the entire product much heavier. This extra weight makes liquid soap’s carbon footprint larger when it comes to product transportation.

According to this article from Conservation Magazine, liquid soaps require about 5 times more energy than bar soaps to be produced. Plus the production of their packaging requires 20 times more energy!

Save Plastic Waste and Switch to Bar Soap

On the flip side, they point out that when washing their hands, people tend to use more water when washing with bar soap. I don’t feel like this is necessarily the case for me, and I certainly don’t think I’m using more water in the shower with bar soap. Nonetheless, it’s still something to consider while using your soap!

This article also states that since bar soaps tend to contain vegetable oils, they have a greater impact on the land through farming and agriculture. It could be argued that many liquid soaps contain vegetable oils as well and that this ingredient is by no means exclusive to bar soaps. In the end, bar soaps still win out as the more environmentally-friendly choice.

Save Plastic Waste and Switch to Bar Soap

You Can Ditch the Plastic Packaging

This was the main reason that I decided to switch to bar soap for both my handwashing and my body washing. I had grown frustrated with the amount of plastic I was consuming each time I bought a refill for my handsoap pump or a large plastic bottle of body wash for the shower. With other products, like food items, escaping plastic packaging can be difficult. Unless you have a reliable bulk grocery store nearby that allows you to use refillable containers, you’re mostly stuck with the plastic packaging that the majority of food providers use. But not so with soap!

There are so many fantastic options out there for plastic-free soap that it’s mind-boggling. You can even get shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair! With a huge variety to choose from, what’s not to enjoy? Which brings me to my next point:

It’s Easy to Show Small Businesses Some Love

There are a plethora of hand-made soaps to choose from on Etsy! Additionally, you can take a trip to your local farmer’s market and find some new soaps to try there. It’s fantastic to be able to make a personal connection with the creator of your soap, as well as support their passion.


This particular bar that I have in my photos is from Nolaskinsentials, and it’s their Vanilla Iris soap. Nolaskinsentials is a black-owned business, and they have an array of beautiful, vibrant, and lovingly-made skincare and body products to choose from. I’ve loved using this bar for my body in the shower! The scent is floral, spicy, and citrus-y, which is right up my alley. Check out their site for more about this soap and others!

Bar soaps are versatile, gratifying, and surprisingly enjoyable to use. For the longest time, I associated bar soap with my grandparents’ bathroom, because they were the only ones I knew who used it! It seemed like a strange, old-fashioned concept to be avoided in favor of my liquid soap pump bottles. Little did I know that I would develop a strong appreciation for it later! Now I love the calming, ritualistic experience when I wash my hands or use it in the shower.

Currently, bar soap is having a resurgence, and I’m happy to say that I’m a strong supporter of this movement. Switching to bar soap is the greener choice that will save plastic and lessen your impact on the environment. Discover the magic of bar soaps for yourself today!

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