It’s a snowy spring day in Kansas, and I’m stuck inside pondering how I want to go about this post. I’ll be honest with you guys, I haven’t done much writing lately. I’ve been spending more time on photo-taking excursions, and I feel that sort of thing has been speaking more to me lately in a creative sense.

This particular series of pictures is of a one room school house that is just a couple blocks from where I live. I drive past it often, and I had always wanted to stop and take photos. The crisp white of the building stands out against its surroundings, and it contrasts beautifully with a blue sky.img_1211

It has four windows on each side, and you are able to look out onto the other side of the building from certain vantage points.


The two doors in front reflect one another on each side of the porch. The white siding in this photo is taking on the golden colors of the sunset, illuminating the patterns in the wood.


The front of the building is touched with a warm glow, while the cool shadows of darkness are beginning to swallow the back. If you squint, you can see a faint shadow of me in the midst of photo creation. Oops! I didn’t notice this until way after the fact, but I don’t mind terribly much actually. It’s something of a photo Easter egg, if you will.


This is my favorite shot guys! It is the view that I always see from the street: the glow of the sun brightening the room of the school and shining through to the other side. It is especially picturesque at sunset when the sun is low and its light differs strikingly with the darkness that is beginning to fall.


I suppose now I’ll go back to rattling around the apartment and willing the snow to melt posthaste. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, and I will catch you all later!