This photo was taken in my old neighborhood. There was a sidewalk that circled the houses that was about a mile long, perfect for short jaunts in the fresh air. This creek ran through it, creating movement in an otherwise still area. I had set out with my boyfriend that winter day to photograph the frozen winter quiet, but I was instead drawn in by the rushing, gurgling water. Even after I took this photo, I sat hunched on the edge of the bank, just watching and listening as the water dived off of the jagged spikes of ice. There was no other noise to be heard, and the air smelled like cold snow. I would argue that there are few sounds quite as peaceful and calming as that of water. (Purring cats would have to be a VERY close second.) My boyfriend and I returned to my house with numb extremities, but I had a feeling of contentment that overrode the cold.

I haven’t participated in the photo challenges on WordPress until now, so I’m thrilled to finally get one published! Photo Challenge Theme: Serene