Hey guys! This is going to be another brief photography post, and you will know that these photos will appeal to you deeply if :

A. You revel at the site of gracefully columned stone buildings.

B. Spring flowers put a little skip in your walk.

C. Moody gray skies give you a burst of creative energy! (This might be just me.)

At the very least, if none of these things make you burst with joy, then you might have a simple appreciation for this short but snappy introductory paragraph that I have so thoughtfully provided.

2017-04-02 04.52.10

I have a feeling this post may end up being one big advertisement for the Nelson Atkins Museum, but I don’t care! As my friends already know full well, I have a tendency to wax poetic about the gorgeousness that is this museum and the surrounding grounds. If you could only visit ONE PLACE in Kansas City, it would have to be this museum.

2017-04-02 05.05.20

I mean really, look at that! Spring is an optimal time to go, as you get to experience the full beauty of the landscaping there.

Photo Apr 02, 5 10 12 AM

Can you tell that I love tulips?


Cherry blossom trees abound around the museum!

2017-04-02 04.31.57-3

2017-04-02 04.50.44-2

I also have a fondness for cheery yellow daffodils. And, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I have a special place in my heart for wooden benches situated close to pretty flowers.

I’ll wrap things up with another shameless plug for the museum: I’m just showing you the outside guys.  I know I spent most of this post gushing about flowers, but it’s what is inside this place that keeps me coming back. The museum is a place of sustenance; I feel fulfilled whenever I visit. Being in a place that houses the creative works of so many wildly talented artists never fails to give me inspiration and encouragement in my own endeavors. Take some time to visit your local art museums; there is much to be learned from the creative expressions of our forebears.

Anyway, I bet you didn’t expect things to get so deep there in the end, right? But as you have probably realized by this point, I’m quite serious when it comes to museums. So get out there and go to a museum! I feel like this has turned into something of a persuasive “call to action” speech instead of a post focusing on the photos, ha! Sometimes the flow of the writing takes you someplace entirely different than you previously envisioned. But that, my friends, is the beauty of the creative process.