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Is Glossier’s Balm Dot Com Better Than Vaseline?

It took me quite a while to try Glossier’s Balm Dot Com lip balms. The main factor that kept me away from them for so long was that I was constantly seeing naysayers online declaring that you were better off just sticking with plain Vaseline. I wanted to test them for myself because I saw lots of other happy users singing their praises of the product, and they seemed entirely convinced of its effectiveness.


Glossier Bubblewrap Eye+Lip Plumping Cream Review

I like to layer hydrating products under my eyes, so this seemed like it would fit into my routine well. However, I was actually much more excited about the lip plumping/hydrating uses of this product than the eye plumping. My lips are chronically dehydrated, so having an extra dose of hydration in the mornings would be extremely helpful. I was intrigued to see how effective Bubblewrap was in its ability to hydrate both areas!