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The time has come: I’m finally letting out my inner skincare nerd and writing up a review! I thought I might start with something fairly simple, so this wonderful cleanser from Tosowoong is going to be my introductory review. I was gifted a small amount of this by a friend to try out, and after I did I had to buy myself a bottle! So without further ado, let’s get into what makes this cleanser fantastic!

A Surprise ingredient

When I first received this, I didn’t bother looking at the ingredients before jumping right into the bottle. As I was preparing for this review, I was surprised to see sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredients list, which I typically try to avoid in beauty products. For those of you not familiar with this particular ingredient, it is what causes the foaming in soaps and various other products. Despite the enjoyment that comes from creating a rich lather with one’s soap, this ingredient should ideally be avoided due to its habit of irritating your skin/scalp and drying you out. Those cleansers that give you that squeaky-clean, face tightening feel are actually stripping your skin of its natural barrier, which can even lead to breakouts and/or increased signs of aging. Thanks, but no thanks! This cleanser, however, has shown no sign of drying me out! On the contrary, when I use it, my face feels very calmed and almost cool afterwards. It has a pH of 5.5, which doesn’t disrupt your skin’s natural acid level. It leaves my skin feeling soft and not at all stripped.


The usage is actually kind of fun, as you are able to add water to the rough powder and scrub it into a lather. You may get a few granules here and there that don’t dissolve all the way, but they make good exfoliators. It isn’t the foamiest cleanser out there, but it still has a decent amount that makes it conducive to spreading it around and getting easy coverage for your face. It is fast to rinse off, which is a huge plus in my book! I can’t stand cleansers that force me to take ages as I repeatedly splash water all over my face. The scent is light, unobtrusive, and somewhat floral. It contributes to the overall relaxing experience of using the cleanser! And like I said before, the after affects of this cleanser are enough reason to buy it, I think. I’ve never had my skin feel so soft after a cleansing!

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Another huge factor that works in favor of this product is that it is travel friendly! If there are any other die-hard carry-on  luggage fanatics out there like me, you know that fitting all of your liquids into a single quart bag is a next to impossible task. This little guy will at least clear up some space in there, and you won’t have to worry about washing your face with mystery soap at your intended destination.

It Won’t Break the Bank

Finally, I should point out that this cleansing powder is quite affordable! You can scoop it up for only $11 on Amazon, which is a steal compared to many other cleansers out there. It is a 70ml bottle, and it will last you a while because you don’t need to use much of it each time. I like to save money where I can and invest it in say, a nice serum, so this helps me do that. In all I would highly recommend this to anyone, provided that you don’t have an intolerance to sodium lauryl sulfate. It is a good value and worth trying!

Tosowoong Powder Cleanser Review

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