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Handmade Soaps at Fall Festival

Fall Tradition

Each year in October my family makes the pilgrimage to Baldwin City, Kansas, for the Maple Leaf Festival. As the name suggests, the maple trees sprinkled throughout the city are beginning to wear their warm fall colors, and the bright leaves stand in contrast to the gray sky. The narrow streets of the city become …

Creative Writing

Starting a Blog While Simultaneously Shoving Perfectionism Out the Window

Hello friends, and welcome to the blog! I’m extremely excited to finally be launching this project and to have each of you sharing in it with me!

Literature and writing have each played a significant role in my life, enriching it with imagination, wonderment, stories, and knowledge. While books lead me to introspection, writing is a way for me to comprehend and communicate with the world around me. Hence the title of my blog, An Introvert Talks.